Are there hidden air quality dangers lurking in your garage?

Garages have a unique role in maintaining home air quality. It is common to store vehicles, tools, equipment, and chemicals used for vehicle maintenance in your garage resulting in poor air quality. Gas-powered equipment and fuel cans will also contribute to poor air quality due to airborne chemicals. In hotter months, the high temperatures can accelerate the vaporization of these chemicals, further compromising air quality.

As people often start their cars before opening their garage doors, there is an added worry of dangerous exhaust fumes building up in the air. While this may not pose much of an issue in the warmer months, it becomes a serious concern during the winter when cars are left idling for several minutes before being driven.

Do you suffer from asthma or odor sensitivities? Garages, with their exhaust and chemical fumes, can be troublesome. Dust and other particulates can accumulate, creating a negative air environment. Unfortunately, your HVAC system and home air purifiers may not be effective in the garage, as it is often separate from the rest of the house. Thankfully, a garage air purifier can easily improve your garage's air quality.


What are the essential features of a garage air purifier?

When using an air purifier in a garage, it is important to consider both chemical fumes and dust as potential factors affecting air quality. Therefore, the ideal air purifier for a garage should have both HEPA and carbon filtration capabilities. However, the main focus should be on the carbon filtration, as it is specifically designed to capture fumes and odors. Examples of air purifiers that meet these criteria include the Austin Air HealthMate & HealthMate Plus or the Airpura R600 & C600. 


Is it the most used doorway in your home?

Consider the frequency at which the door between your home and the attached garage is opened, as it serves as the main entry point. This doorway is frequently used to transport goods, and can often be left open when children exit.


Are you exercising in your garage?

You may use your garage as a personal gym. However, your treadmill or weights may be surrounded by your car and lawn care equipment. During exercise, the body requires more oxygen and heavy breathing can occur, but poor air quality in the garage can hinder performance. Don't let the air you breathe while working out be a cause for concern.


Make it a priority to maintain clean air in your garage. This is crucial for those with asthma, COPD, or other respiratory issues. Contact us for assistance in choosing the perfect garage air purifier for your household at 786-622-1244.