If you have used one in the past or currently searching for a dehumidifier that has a collection bucket and also offers a drain line then this topic is for you.
This style of dehumidifier usually made of a low-cost plastic outer shell with a digital panel on top has recently been known to have a very short life span. In the past, you may have searched under a specific name brand or model number and if you were fortunate it may last anywhere from 7-10 years. That is not the case any longer.
They are all currently made in China and the quality has been reduced drastically. Whether you buy a dehumidifier with a well-known name such as GE or one which you may not have heard of. The life will range anywhere from 1-to 2 years if you are fortunate.
Be prepared to spend anywhere from $250.00 to $350.00 for a replacement every 1-2 years along with the headache of shopping, shipping and installation of a new machine.
You may be better off investing into a commercial grade dehumidifier that may be used in a residential or a commercial business setting.