When it comes to selecting a portable air purifier you must consider the size of the space you are trying to cover. You also must try to over size the machine for your space or you may stress the machine and shorten the life span because you will need to run it on a higher speed to get results if you do not over size it. 

Also note that if you are buying a machine for the bedroom that it will not effectively clean the living room or any other adjacent room even if the doors are open. These machines are space specific and will only give you effective results in the room it is placed in.

If you have one floor you may select a machine large enough to be used in the main areas of the home and then move it to your bedroom then turn it down to a lower speed when you are sleeping. 

If you have multiple floors then you may consider buying multiple units for the most important rooms such as the bedrooms, kitchen and living room. 


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