IQ Air Compatible Alternative Filters Save $120.00

Please note these are not the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for IQ Air HealthPro, HealthPro Plus, or Compact models. These are very high quality compatible alternative replacement filters that will give you OEM results with a  substantial savings. 

We all agree that IQ Air’s filtering capability is the main reason we bought the machine in the first place. High filter cost may be the reason why we are either not running our machines or running them on expired filters.

IQ Air Pre Max Filter F8 #1 Art. No.102 10 10 00

The Pre Max Filter which is filter F1 is located at the bottom of the HealthPro, HealthPro Plus and the Compact machine. It is the first line of defense. and responsible for removing large particles like hair pet fur and fibers. Using a pre-max filter will prolong the life of the Hyper HEPA filter #3. The Compatible Alternative Pre Max filter and the original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Pre Max filter from IQ Air will give you the same results.

IQ Air V5 Cell Gas and Odor Filter #2 Art. No.102 18 10 00

The V5 Cell Gas and Odor filter F2 is located in the middle of the 3 filters on the HealthPro Plus air purifier. This filter is responsible for removing chemicals and gases found in most household environments. Our Compatible  Alternative V5 Cell Gas and Odor filter has been designed with precision and uses the very best carbon for the removal of a wide variety of chemicals and gases along with VOCs.

HYPER HEPA Filter #3 Art. No. 102 14 14 00

The Hyper HEPA filter F3 is located at the top of the HealthPro and Compact machines. It is responsible for removing the very small microscopic particulates that pass through the Pre Max filter. When studying the science of air filtration, you will find particles at .3 microns in size are the most difficult to capture thats why the standard measurement for HEPA filters are .3 micron. This Compatible Alternative Hyper HEPA filter will capture particles at .3 micron and down as small as .003 micron in size. This filter may reflect as F2 in the Compact model display panel because that model only has two filter drawers, but it is designed to fit the Compact model.

Complete Filter Replacement Kit For HealthPro Plus.

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