Most major retail chains and well-known eCommerce sites operate primarily to generate sales and make profits. But ask yourself: how far are they willing to go before and after the sale, if you have questions or product issues requiring assistance? Not far at all, and most reps don't have any knowledge about the products they’re selling. also need sales to function, but our sales are based on building a long-term relationship with our customers.


With over fifteen years of experience working in the healthy home/office products industry, we do this by advising you in selecting the correct product that will meet your specific needs. We will direct you to the item MOST likely to get you, the BEST RESULTS. Plus, we have live representatives which will take your calls or chat online with us and we are available to answer any questions you may have before AND after you purchase any one of our products.

Do you need help operating your machine? Need assistance changing your replacement filter? Not sure why you are having reactions or allergies to your home or office environment? What can you do about the mold in your basement? can answer all your concerns!

You are not alone!, has live representatives to take your calls, offers online chats and answers any questions you may have before and after you purchase any one of our online products.

Call 786-622-1244 or click on the online chat for assistance, Monday through Friday: 9-6 EST.