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Alorair Sentinel HD55 Blue Basement & Crawl Space Dehumidifier 1200 Sq. Ft.

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Alorair Sentinel HD55 Blue Basement & Crawl Space Dehumidifier 1200 Sq. Ft.


Gravity drain with hose only.

Alorair Sentinel HD55 commercial dehumidifier can remove 53 pints per day at (AHAM 80°F - 60%), 113 PPD at (saturation 90°F - 90%), up to 1,200 sq. Ft, lowering the humidity to comfortable levels in a short period of time. On the other hand, this ETL-listed dehumidifier is made of a metal outer casing that withstands more rugged conditions, ensuring long-term use and easy maintenance. Fit any crawl spaces, basements, warehouses, offices, factories, shops, storage areas. Measuring at only 19.2" (W) x 12.2" (D) x 13.3" (H), it allows for more flexibility with transportation, placement, and storage. Making this the best dehumidifier for basement.

Very Convenient

This high-quality dehumidifier simply adjusted to the ideal humidity setting to minimize moisture and reduce odor. The MERV-8 Filter can protect internal components from dust when dehumidifying. the most convenient point is that you are not requested to pour away the water every hour like a normal domestic dehumidifier, there is no tank inside, it drains automatically.

Auto Defrosting System

The auto defrost is important, as ice buildup on a dehumidifier’s coils can cause the units to malfunction. Alorair commercial dehumidifier can truly make the dehumidifier able to work at the Low temperature (36 degrees Fahrenheit), making the unit work continuously and efficiently without periodic stopping during the defrosting process, not only saving the energy but also making the unit last longer.

Best Crawl Space Dehumidifier

We designed this professional dehumidifier with the modern consumer in mind, smaller size, compact design, rugged handle, easy and safe to transport from job to job, and even from downstairs to upstairs. All special features make it the best for crawlspace, basement, and commercial applications, auto defrosting system and an optional remote control system.

5 Year Warranty

We believe in quality so all our high-quality AlorAir basement/crawlspace dehumidifiers are made for your full utilization. It is sure to last long and still keep its shape look, even in some cruel commercial USES. 


The Sentinel HD55 Dehumidifier has cETL approved. Up to 113 pints (8 gallons) moisture removal per day (53 PPD AHAM). This unit has a wide range of applications including crawl spaces, basements, warehouses, offices, factories, shops, apartments, storage areas, restaurants, bars, and museums, also works well for urgent water damage restoration, fast structural drying, and other jobs that require fast dry.
It can also help to resolve damage to inventory and building maintenance due to dampness. Sentinel HD55 was introduced to provide a one-stop service for your humidity problem, the preassembly, external condensate connection point, and side sliding filter, make the installation process simple.


The high-dense MERV-8 protects internal components from damage due to dust and other particles ensure efficient operation and long-term use. Please replace the filter once per 4-6 months.


This professional dehumidifier is designed with the remote monitoring function, which makes this unit an ideal choice for places where remote sensing and controlling is required, It is also a good choice for sound insulation and saving space usage, you can buy the remote control from our store as well.

See Remote Controller Here


· Current: 4.0A
· Size/Coverage: Up to 1,200 sq. ft.
· Noise Level: <52 dBA
· Capacity: 120 ppd (Saturation 90°F - 90%), 55ppd (AHAM 80°F - 60%)
· Airflow: 120 CFM, 205CMH
· Dimensions (LxWxH): 19.2” x 12.2” x 13.3”
· Refrigerant: R410A
· Power: 115V/60Hz
· COP: 2.27L/kWh
· Filter: MERV- 8
· Draining: Gravity Drained
· Functioning Temperature Range: 33.8°F -104°F
· Defrosting Control System: Automatic Defrosting
· Functioning Humidity Range: 36%-90%
· Weight: 57.3lbs (26kg)

 All AlorAir dehumidifiers include a 5-year warranty. We at AlorAir do believe in our quality and stand behind our product and our customers. 



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