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AlorAir Zeus Extreme Axial Air Mover

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The Alorair Zeus Extreme Axial air mover features patent-pending "FUSION ENERGY" technology. This is a high-powered and portable air mover/fan for quick evaporate drying. It's used primarily in the restoration industry. "FUSION ENERGY" technology revolutionizes evaporate drying by introducing higher air velocity undoubtedly beating competitors. This highly focused air flow is a must function for industry dryings like carpet and pad, sub-floor, sill plate, and walls. The machine with "FUSION ENERGY" technology ensures air velocities further than any other axial air mover. Making it the most powerful air mover on the market.

The Alorair Zeus Extreme Axial air mover features the 2-speed motor that delivers a focused airstream up to 3000 CFM and a lightweight stackable designed to fit in vehicle space, on-board duplex GFIC outlet (GFCI is not available for 220/240V 


Less than 2.3 amps on High Speed
Power-on indicator light
The automatic hour meter displays site runtime
Circuit breaker protects air mover and attached devices and prevents nuisance visits to the junction box
GFCI protection promotes operator safety in wet applications (GFCI is not available for 220/240V needs to be customized)
Duplex AC outlet allows daisy-chaining of up to four axial air movers
20 ft AC cord with cord management
Units interlock for ease of stacking during storage and handling
Weighs 3.5 lbs less than competitive units
Over 3000 CFM on high
Maintenance-free Bearing Motor


Greater air velocities than competitive products, Focused velocities 0 to over 23.5 feet
Directs airflow towards problematic corners, where the wall meets the floor
Capable of reducing secondary damage claims stemming from the side-effects of trapped humidity like fungi, mold, mildew or structural damage
Long-life 2-speed motor, Maintenance-free Bearing Motor
Low noise, quiet operation
Lightweight and compact Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDP) housing is washable, chemical resistant and stacks for storage
Both Inlet and outlet can be ducted, Cooling, Ventilation, Extraction, Long distance Works, all are convenient


By introducing a constant flow of fresh air, the Zeus Extreme unit ensures the hottest areas become cool and comfortable.


The lack of oxygen in the crowded or poorly ventilated rooms can cause drowsiness, machinery operation danger and hazardous problems to health. Zeus Extreme can ensure a constant supply of air rich in oxygen.


The accumulation of contaminated air can be a risk to health and safety in areas where fumes, dust, or unpleasant smells spreading wildly. A Zeus Extreme unit has the power to draw in huge amounts of contaminated air through its heavy-duty, non-collapsible flexible ducting.


The Zeus Extreme is the most versatile air mover available. It can be used as a stand-alone fan for high capacity cooling or be connected with a duct to supply fresh air or extract contaminated air. By joining a series of ducts and fans together, the Zeus Extreme can be used to extract or replenish the air in a long distance.



Drive Motor 1/4 hp 1-phase 110/120 VAC 2-speed  4-pole, PSC Electric Motor.
Voltage 115 V/AC (220V/AC need to be customized)
Current 2.3 Amps (High Speed) 115 V/AC, 2.1 Amps (High Speed) 220 V/AC
Cord 20 ft Power Cord
Outlet 15A UL Rated GFCI Duplex Receptacle
Airflow Approximately 3000 CFM
Sound Pressure Leve <70DBA 
Weight       26.Ibs (11.8KG)
Shipping Dim (W × H × D) 21.3” × 21.3” × 16.5”

Most powerful Air Mover



Year One - 100% parts and labor(all components)

Year Two - 100% parts only (all components)

Year(s) Three through Seven - Materials and workmanship of the housing only.

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