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Royal Pedic Natural Cotton W/Wool Wrap Mattress Only.

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Hand-Made in Beverly Hills California

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Pricing includes delivery, set up, and packaging removal. This is a custom-made product and may take 2-3 weeks to ship. A phone number is required to schedule a delivery.

Royal Pedic Natural Cotton W/Wool Wrap Mattress, Box Spring Not Included. 

The 9.5-inch thick Natural Cotton w/Wool Wrap Mattress is an innerspring mattress construction featuring layers made with pristine organic cotton wrapped in all-natural French Wool, covered in a soft brushed canvas fabric made with organic cotton, and artisan hand tufted to secure the filling materials in place and provide orthopedic support. 

Comfort level

Royal-Pedic has been handcrafting mattresses made with organic cotton since 1988. The Natural Cotton w/Wool Wrap Mattress is one of our most firm mattresses and is especially comfortable with one of our separate 2″, 3″, or 4″ Natural Pillowtop Pads creating a synergy of orthopedic firm mattress support combined with the surface plushness of the pillowtop pad. Separate pillow top pads are optional. 

Mattress firmness level

Brushed Canvas Covering Made with Organic Cotton

The brushed canvas covering of the mattress is made with organic cotton to ventilate body heat to sleep more comfortably. The fabric is brushed to provide a softer feel and is woven on precision computerized looms to exacting and consistent specifications.

All Natural French Wool Wrap

Surrounding the inner layers of padding is a protective layer of French wool, which acts as an all-natural fire barrier, as well as helping to ventilate body heat and maintain a dry sleeping environment. The French wool is washed in baking soda and water without any chemicals, and the sheep free graze on open plains and hillsides in France.

Design features

The Natural Cotton w/Wool Wrap Mattress features our Swiss-designed and USA-made Royal-Flex 650i innerspring unit. The spring system is double heat tempered to resist sagging, and provide longevity. The coils are an open-ended, double offset design with 6 turn wire to provide more flexibility to body contours. And we mount T-Spring side supports to the perimeter border wire of the spring unit to provide edge-to-edge sleeping comfort and support.


The mattress is artisan hand tufted with European tufting straps to pre-compress the layers of padding for orthopedic back support, and to prevent shifting of materials for a consistent sleep surface.

Two-sided construction for longevity 

 Royal-Pedic mattresses are built with an equal amount of materials on each side of the mattress, so you can turn the mattress over and sleep on the other side. Double Sided mattresses can enhance longevity. Mattresses that are no-flip designs are only built with padding on one side, so you can’t flip it over.

See Royal Pedic Pillow Top Pads Here. 

Return Policy

Please note these are custom-made orders and are not returnable unless covered under the warranty.

Warranty Period

Royal Pedic has a 10-year manufacturer's warranty on defective mattresses and box springs.

The Royal Pedic Story

The founder of Royal-Pedic, Abe Kaplan learned and mastered high-end mattress making during the 1930s to mid, 1940s. In 1946, Kaplan wanted to open his own mattress company utilizing his extensive skills in handcrafting world-class quality mattresses using natural materials. Shortly after establishing Royal-Pedic Mattress in Los Angeles, Kaplan’s mattress business began to blossom. Royal-Pedic mattresses soon became the premier choice for many Los Angeles-based interior design firms. Most notably, the team of architect Paul Williams and interior designer, Marti Brent, whose clients included many of Hollywood’s most recognizable film actors and actresses. 

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