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EcoQuest Fresh Air With ActivePure Technology For Mold, Bacteria, Viruses & Odors

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EcoQuest Fresh Air With ActivePure Technology

The EcoQuest Fresh Air - air cleaner cleans up to 3000 sq. ft., creating a fresh feel in the house, just like the air after a rainstorm. The Fresh air removes mold, bacteria, chemicals, and odors from the air and surfaces such as curtains, upholstered furniture, carpets, and cloths. Best air purifier for viruses.


It is scientifically proven that the Fresh Air units inactivate the SARS-CoV-2 virus by 99.9% in just 3 minutes and will stop it from spreading, even as a person coughs or sneezes.


Cottages, apartments, schools, kindergartens, offices, cafes, restaurants, stores, hotels, beauty salons, fitness centers, medical institutions, casinos, nightclubs, auto repair shops, professional cleaning, agriculture, etc.

Neutralizes Odors

Neutralizes smoke and other various odors, including chemicals, pet urine, marijuana smells, tobacco smoke, spilled alcohol, dirty laundry, and stale musty smell. Also has a sanitation option with a special "Away" mode.

Noise level

The omission of traditional filters in the device makes it possible to use a low-power fan, the volume of which is comparable to the operation of a computer.


The device has a built-in indicator that informs users of the need for scheduled maintenance or a service inspection.


Change the RCI cell every 12-24 months

Change the Ozone Plate every 24 months

Change optional Harsh Environment Filter as needed.


Now imagine that you can eliminate the very source of pollution. And we are not talking about "spraying a floral-scented chemical spray." Instead, our solution is so simple that it only requires one press of a button to make your surroundings clean and refreshed, not to mention the feeling of pure and fresh air. Fresh Air is a revolutionary air cleaner that does much more than just clean the air.  Using the same techniques as nature itself, Fresh Air removes bad odors, eliminates smoke and dust, and reduces pollution, leaving conventional filter air purifiers far behind.

How does ActivePure Technology work?

The short answer is, that its technology is based on the same principle as nature, which keeps the outdoors safe and clean. Negatively charged ions remove pollutants from the air, while ActivePure technology replicates nature, safely reducing contaminants on surfaces and in the air.

What is Fresh Air technology?

Fresh air restores and regenerates air without using traditional filters, just by means of natural technologies. The operating principle of the equipment is based on ActivePure™ (Radiant Catalytic Ionization- RCI), Remote ionization, and Needlepoint bipolar ionization, All these technologies complement and reinforce each other, resulting in a synergistic effect. It is the ActivePure technology that has received the NASA Space Technology status and used to clean and regenerate the air on the US space shuttles.

Certified technology

The most powerful air and surface cleaning technology ever discovered. The only technology in the world that undergoes scientific and practical research by hundreds of laboratories worldwide. Saturating the air with negatively charged oxygen ions makes the air as green and fresh as the air in a forest and makes it possible to purify the air of the particulate matter (dust, other allergens, etc.)

Modes of operation

  • Normal mode: Background air purification, removing dust, allergens, and bacteria. Operating in the presence of people.
  • Intensive cleaning "purifier mode": Removal of odors, chemicals, bacteria, and viruses with the help of an adjustable ozone output. Creates a fresh feel in the house, akin to the air after a rainstorm. Operating in the presence of people.
  • Disinfection "Away" mode: Purifying and disinfecting the air, furnishings (furniture, curtains, bed linen), and surfaces from unpleasant odors and pathogens (bacteria, mold), in the absence of people, on a timer.


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