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TRACS Carbon filter fits The TRACS Portable EZ-Air and the TM-250 UV-C machines With Frame

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TRACS® TM-EZ & TM-250 Replacement Carbon Filter With Powder Coated Metal Frame Included. (Last 6 Months)

Pictured here is the TRACS® Portable UV-C air purifier carbon filter replacement kit with CarbonWeb® patented technology.  This kit includes the 14"x14"x1" powder coated metal frame and one (1) activated CarbonWeb® filter cartridge.

If your system came equipped with the metal frame, you ONLY need to order the activated CarbonWeb® replacement filter (sold separately).   You should replace these activated carbon filters about every 6 months or more often if you are constantly exposed to dangerous toxics or gases.

Our CarbonWeb® "pre-filter" utilizes activated carbon technology which is most commonly used to remove gases.  This pre-filter is designed to filter gases through a bed of activated carbon which is used to combat volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released from common household products.

A List of Contaminants Effectively Removed with Carbon:  Greenhouse Gases, Adhesives,  Asphalt Fumes, Cooking Odors,  Disinfectants, Food Aromas, Hospital Odors, Irritants, Liquid Fuels, Organic Chemicals, Perspiration, Animal Odors, Sewer Odors, Vapors, Waste Products

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