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XL1 Multi-Functional UV Tool Sterilizer

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XL1 Multi-Functional Tool Sterilizer

The XL1 Multi-Functional tool sterilizer is a must-clean equipment for laboratories, catering services, beauty salons, and homes. Perfect for sterilizing various types of metal tools, such as nail tweezers, eyebrow scissors, towels, baby nipples, slippers, towels, tableware, and more.

Protect Your Health 

The sterilizer machine has a smart induction switch that can automatically turn off the LED light when you open the door cover. The inside of the device uses light, not heat, it's safe for all items.

How It Works

Sanitizes items from all corners without a burning smell, High-quality stainless steel construction inside are durable and resistant to rust. It comes with 2 pieces of the removable tray to easily store instruments.

The sanitizer equipment can be adjusted according to your requirement to meet different needs. Transparent Door is designed to easily check the sterilization process.

Protective Feet

There are four protective feet on the bottom of the tool cabinet to protect the table from being scratched by friction with the table.

Color - Silver

UV - Yes

Type - Home & Office

Voltage - 110-120V

Power Consumption - 15W

Size - 13.8 x 8.6 x 7.9 inches

Weight - 8 lbs

Warranty - 1 Year

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